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The Hype Behind Working Remotely

Has the traditional 9-5 work day now become non-existent? Well, if you ask some tech industry folks, they may say yes. Many people enjoy the benefits of being able to set their own schedules, the ability to spend more time with their families and not being fixed to a cubicle all day. According to a study done by Gallup, 39 percent of employees have already worked from home at some point. Adding to this statistic, also reports that 13.4 million Americans work from home at least one day per year anyway. The payback of working remotely would seem quite obvious- the flexibility in your schedule, being able to work in your pajamas and for those of us who jump on our computers the minute we open our eyes, working without brushing your teeth and not having to talk to anyone in the office.

Working remotely for the technology industry has given startups and companies the capability to choose candidates that are the cream of the crop, regardless of their geographic location. In other words, you no longer have to necessarily live in the big tech world, to have an amazing tech job.

 We live in a multi-tasking generation where doing many things at once is the norm, although some of us need to slow down (don’t text and drive)! But for some people, working from home provides a work environment with less stress where more work seems to get done. People who are working from home are able to live more productive lives with more flexibility for getting things done outside of work life. Yes, one who works from home or in a coffee shop must be disciplined, committed, organized and equipped to deliver job objectives, all without seeing a boss every day, but the gains for many are worth it. 

 As we know, working remotely isn’t always a good fit for some individual personalities. For example, some thrive in a more structured environment, having a sense of work community and the face to face interactions with managers and teammates. However, as research continues to study this movement of the “new” way to work, we still have a lot to learn. What is your preference? Is working from home making you the superstar of your company or is it cramping your productive style?